COLFAX: Joelle Lindbloom Killed In Car Accident On Interstate 80 Freeway After Hitting Concrete Pillar

COLFAX: Joelle Lindbloom Killed In Car Accident On Interstate 80 Freeway After Hitting Concrete Pillar

COLFAX: Joelle Lindbloom Killed In Car Accident On Interstate 80 Freeway After Hitting Concrete Pillar

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Joelle Lindbloom Accident: 16-Year-Old Placer High School Student Joelle Lindbloom Died In Colfax Car Accident After Hitting Concrete Pillar On I-80 Freeway

 COLFAX, CALIFORNIA (November 14, 2018) A 16-year-old high school student identified as Joelle Lindbloom died in  car accident on the Interstate 80 Freeway after her SUV hit a concrete pillar.

Colfax police are saying that Joelle Lindbloom hit the concrete pillar by Heather Glen – between Auburn and Colfax. Firefighters rushed to the site of the car accident.

Tragically, Joelle Lindbloom was pronounced dead at the scene. California Highway Patrol are still investigating the circumstances that led up to the crash.

Placer High School officials said that grief counselors would be dispatched to the school to help those grieving the loss of the victim.

Common Roadside Hazards And How Cities Should Protect Against Them

It has been estimated that 94% of all car accidents involve some amount of human error. But driver negligence is not the only source of collisions. Road design also plays a large role in a number of accidents. For example, rigid fixed objects in the roadway can become a lethal hazard for drivers. There are a number of circumstances where a vehicle might hit a fixed object in or by the road like a concrete pillar.

  • Fix objects may be in or near the roadway. Generally speaking, fixed objects like concrete pillars should be removed or relocated. Where such objects are necessary they should be protected either by crash cushions or guardrails.These safety measures absorb the force of and impact and help keep drivers safe.

  • A driver may also hit a fixed rigid object because of poorly grooved pavement. Traffic engineers are supposed to make sure that roads allow for adequate drainage of water. When water builds up this can cause a vehicle to hydroplane.

  • Roads should have adequate signage and markings in order to give drivers warning about the conditions ahead. Reflective signs are important because they can be seen by drivers at night even in poor lighting conditions.

Depending on a number of factors a city or state agency may face civil liability for a car accident if a driver hits a concrete pillar. A car accident attorney can conduct a free investigation into your claim and let you know what your options are. There are design standards that states and cities must adhere to with road construction. Far too often deviations from these standards can have lethal consequences.

Liability In Car Accidents Involving Fixed Objects In The Roadway

The state of California is responsible for maintaining the freeways in a reasonably safe condition. This includes taking the time to make sure that fixed objects like concrete pillars do not present a hazard to motorists. There are a number of options available to traffic engineers for reducing the lethality of fixed rigid objects. For example, guardrails direct cars away from these hazards. Crash cushions slow errant vehicles down dramatically in order to safely bring vehicles to a stop. (image source: Lindsay Corporation)

There are a number of factors that investigators will want to consider in the car accident that killed  Joelle Lindbloom. For example, was there a history of similar accidents in the area. Did the state of California know about this particular crash site? Generally speaking, California has design immunity for accidents on public roadways. But the state may be liable for an accident caused by a “dangerous condition on public property” under California Government Code sections 835 and 815. A dangerous condition may occur when state officials are negligent in constructing, installing or maintaining a road. (Mozzetti v. City of Brisbane (1977) 67 Cal.App.3d 565, 575). Victims or their family may have the ability to file a claim for damages. There are strict statute of limitations for filing a claim against a government entity, so it’s important to act quickly.

Getting Help Investigating A Car Accident Involving A Concrete Barrier

We at West Coast Trial Lawyers extend our condolences to the family of Joelle Lindbloom as they are going through such a difficult time. It is our sincere hope that city officials will take a good look at the road and conditions leading up to this crash. Concrete pillars should generally be protected in order to prevent accidents like this from happening in the first place. It would be deeply unfortunate if this were to happen again.

If you or someone that you love has been injured or killed in a car accident after hitting a concrete pillar you may have legal recourse. Our team of personal injury attorneys are here to help you with whatever you need. We’ve been helping accident victims and their families for over 40 years. We can investigate your claim free of charge and let you know if a design defect in a roadway contributed to a crash. Whether you need a police report after an accident or you just have questions about your rights we are here for you. You can reach us anytime at (888) 888-9285.


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