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How to treat car accident injuries

Learn to treat car accident injuries

Car accident injuries are still very common and can be quite severe despite improved safety features in cars and road designs. 

When you’re injured in a car accident, you might feel pain immediately or days later depending on the location and severity of the injury. It’s important to know how and when to treat your car accident injuries.

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If you’ve been unfortunate enough to be involved in a very serious accident with major injuries, you may need intensive treatment and care. 

Regardless of the nature of your car accident injury, here are some tips and information below to help you on your way to recovery.

How to recover from car accident trauma?

Injuries resulting from car accidents can vary in severity, but there are general guidelines you want to follow to maximize your comfort and recovery:

  • Call your doctor immediately and follow their advice
  • Apply ice to areas that are sore or swollen
  • Dress burns and wounds with clean gauze and medical tape
  • Immobilize joints and limbs that you think might be broken or seriously hurt
  • Minimize movement and activity until you get clearance from your doctor
  • Take pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen to ease the pain
  • Practice relaxation and stress-relieving techniques like meditation and guided breathing
  • Have a friend or loved one help you with tasks and chores until you’re recovered

It’s important to prioritize your health and recovery after a car accident. Neglecting your physical and mental health will prolong recovery, or it may even worsen your injuries and condition.

Delayed injury symptoms after a car accident

You might not feel any aches and pains immediately after a car accident. Delayed symptoms from injuries can be a normal response to trauma as your body sends adrenaline and other hormones throughout your body that suppress your sensitivity to pain.

It’s important to know that you might have sustained injuries from whiplash and other blunt force traumas without feeling the pain right away. It’s best to play it safe in the days following an accident in case you do have delayed symptoms from your injuries.

How to mentally recover from car accident injuries

We take mental health very seriously, and the trauma from a car accident can affect our mental state negatively. In the same way you’d take care of any bodily injuries, you’d also want to care for your mental health.

Some tips to keep you in a good mental state are:

  • Meditate
  • Stretch and perform physical activities if your doctor clears it
  • Keep a journal and note down your mood, pain levels, and other things you might want to get off your mind
  • Get plenty of sleep, rest, and fluids
  • Connect with friends, family, and loved ones for emotional support

We can’t state enough the impact that good mental well-being has on your physical health. There is a lot of research showing that your mental health has a direct effect on your sensitivity to pain.

When to call a doctor after a car accident

If you’ve been injured after a car accident, call a doctor immediately. Or at least, call a doctor as soon as it’s practical to do so. We’ve given tips on what to do after a car accident, but once the accident is cleared and you’re safely at home, you need to call a doctor right away.

Your doctor may want to see you right away and check for:

  • Broken bones
  • Bruising and contusions
  • Symptoms of concussion
  • Internal bleeding
  • Vision problems
  • Spinal trauma
  • Nerve damage

Again, even if you don’t feel like you were seriously injured, there may be other issues that won’t arise until later–injuries and damage that could affect your quality of life.

How a car accident lawyer can help with your medical treatment and bills

Most people think that they can take care of medical treatment and hospital bills on their own after an accident. And in many cases, they possibly can. 

However, an experienced car accident lawyer will tell you that there might be surprise bills and unexpected referrals from your doctor that your insurance won’t cover. The last thing you need when suffering from injury and emotional distress is more bills!

A good attorney will also protect you from your own insurance company if they refuse to pay for treatment, and from the other party’s insurance company if they try to blame the accident on you.

Physical and emotional trauma from collisions is hard enough, so we highly advise retaining a good car accident lawyer to guide you along the process. 

Wouldn’t you rather relax at home and take a physical and mental break from your accident? Call us and let an accident attorney handle all the paperwork and phone calls instead. Having a good attorney on your case is as invaluable as all the medication and meditation you’re using to treat your car accident injuries and trauma.


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