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Tips on safe driving, or defensive driving, for avoiding accidents

Safe driving tips for defensive driving and being aware on the road

These tips on safe driving or defensive driving will help you avoid crashes and serious injuries.

While there is no guarantee you will completely avoid a car accident, we’ll share some safe driving tips to keep yourself safer on the road.

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We at Accident News Now put together this list of safety tips to help you avoid a car crash so that you are traveling safer on the roads. This will help hopefully help you arrive at your destination safely, which should be the goal any time you hit the road.

Defensive Driving for Avoiding Accidents and Hazards

Driving defensively is safe driving — an effective way to lower the risk that you will get into a serious or deadly accident. Learning how to drive safely reduces the likelihood that you will get into an collision, along with helping your chances of being caught unprepared for a hazard. Safer driving also increases your reaction times so that you can respond to dangers accordingly and avoid accidents.

You should understand the capabilities of your car’s dynamics and know that traveling at slower speeds allows you to brake sooner. Defensive driving means being prepared for any potential hazards on the road — whether they may be other drivers, loose cargo on trucks, inclement weather, and more. 

When you’re driving defensively–not speeding, making aggressive lane changes, cutting others off–you give yourself and your car more time and distance to avoid crashes.

And for all the men out there, statistics show you could learn a thing or two from women, who are considered to be better drivers than men!

Driving Safely Means Staying Alert All the Time

Whether you are driving from home to work and back, and the roads are all familiar to you, avoid the distractions that are present in your car when behind the wheel. Avoid reading maps or directions as you drive, so that your eyes remain focused on the road ahead.

When we make the same commute every day, we tend to drift off in thought or we become distracted in our cars. It’s tempting to check on your phone, fiddle with your radio or entertainment system, or to eat and drink while behind the wheel.

Becoming complacent while operating a 3,000lb vehicle just isn’t worth it. When your life and thousands of dollars’ worth of property are on the line, that text message or phone alert can wait!

Safe Driving School and Defensive Driving Class

One of the best ways to make yourself a better driving is by going to a driving school or taking a defensive driving class. When you hear about these classes, it’s usually forced on you by the courts, which means you were cited for unsafe driving in the first place! However, there are some really fun driving schools where you get to slide around and test a car’s limits on a controlled course.

In those types of driving schools — the fun ones — you’ll see just how much stopping force and distance you need when traveling at certain speeds. You’ll also learn how and when a car might lose traction and go into an uncontrollable slide.

These types of driving classes might be a little pricey, but if you do them once every few years, you’ll keep yourself sharp, safe, and maybe even lower your insurance premiums.

You will have less reaction time to avoid flipping over and hitting things while driving a vehicle faster. This makes it very likely you will make mistakes while driving, leading to an accident. 

Create a Safe Driving Plan

If you plan on going on a road trip, or you’re taking a route that you’re unfamiliar with, make a safe driving plan. Check ahead of time for rest stops, road hazards, weather, and anything else that might affect your ability to drive safely while on your trip.

Apps like Google Maps, Waze, Weather Underground, and Apple Maps will notify you of changing conditions and road hazards on your route.

Focus on Driving Safely and Staying Sober

The bottom line is you have to focus on driving safely when you’re behind the wheel. It’s easy to get lost in conversation, a favorite song, or even text messages when you’re driving. But here at Accident News Now we’ve seen far too many horrific accidents to ever take those risks.

You’d be surprised to see how many accidents we cover that involve pedestrian hit-and-runs, or how often motorists are ejected from their cars by not wearing their seatbelts.

Every time you get in your car, consider the fact that your life and safety, along with the lives and safety of others, are quite literally in your hands. Never drink and drive, never sit behind the wheel while under the influence of any drug. If you’re pulled over or in an accident, the penalty for driving under the influence can be life changing and affect your ability to drive in the future.

At worst, driving while intoxicated can cost you or someone else a life. No one ever thinks it’s their last time getting into a car when they decide to drink and drive, but for many, that is the sad reality.

Stay safe, be alert, drive defensively, and make a plan for anything that might come your way while you’re on the road.

But if you’re ever involved in a collision, there are steps you should take right after a car accident to make sure you’re protected.

Safe travels!

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